1). How do I go about getting represented by Robb Talent Group (RTG)?

A). We strongly suggest you send us an email introducing yourself and what makes you unique.

2). Who owns Robb Talent Group (RTG)?

A). Robb Talent Group is a partnership between Robb Capital Corporation (RCC) and Robb Entertainment Corporation (REC). Robb Talent Group also has great partnerships with Robb Corporation subsidiaries.

3). What makes Robb Talent Group (RTG) unique?

A). Not only do we have immense resources that are readily available to our clients; we also have countless experience and a proven track record of getting things done for our clients.

4). Where are you guys based?

A). We have our headquarters in New York but we can be anywhere for our clients.

5). I have a talent agency/management company; how can we partner up?

A). Drop us an email or a phone call.

6). Where can I get your media kit?

A). Click the “PRESS” link.

7). How do I get photos or bios in regards to one of your clients?

A). Drop us an email and with the client’s approval, we can make it happen for you.

8). How do I interview one of your clients?

A). Drop us an email or give us a call and we can take it from there.

9). How do I get invited to one of your events?

A). We’ll send you an invite.

10). I have more questions; how do I get in touch?

A). You can email, text, or call us.